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Introduce the newborn nursing procedure of DERAMA confinement center in South Korea to establish the systematized and scientific nursing service system

CENTRE OFMOM advocates "rooming-in", and provides babysitting nursing service. There are capacious and clean neonatal wards on every floor. The structure is designed and constructed according to the specialized international nursing standard for newborns, to minimize the number of infants or staff members to control and prevent the infants from being cross infected.

The members of the nursing team of the neonatal wards are all senior nurses with professional qualifications. There are three shifts daily to ensure that the newborns are taken care of by the nurses continuously in 24 hours. Every nurse would only take care of two infants at most so as to provide guarantees for the puerpera to rest peacefully and fully.

Provide the world famous environmental protection brand product for the newborns.

The famous South Korean prolactin experts and pediatricians customize the scientific feeding scheme according to the growing features of the newborns.

In addition to the daily life nursing for the newborns, there is scientific nursing for situations like jaundice, red buttock, eczema, etc.

Establish cooperative relationship with high-end private hospitals to deal with the sudden incidents and critical situations to protect the newborns' health.