DERAMA post-natal care center which has become a basis of Centre Ofmom is the first specialized post-natal care center for VIP management in the industry established by professionals dedicated to post-natal care. Scientific and systematic post-natal care system is presented beyond the concept of a simple post-natal care, attracting VVIP moms from all over the world. This high-class service is now available in Centre Ofmom, Beijing Branch

In Center Ofmom founded based on collaboration between DERAMA post-natal care center and global pharmaceutical company, Hanmi Group, professional workforce specialized in VIP management at DERAMA post-natal care center resides in Beijing. By cooperating with the local Hanmi workforce in Beijing, they personally participate in services, adding more value

High-class post-natal care service is offered by applying systematic and scientific post-natal care system based on the world’s first DERAMA Seoul’s long-term clinical trials and endless researches

DERAMA’s pre and post natal body shape management program has been applied to Centre Ofmom’s pre and post natal body shape management. DERAMA pre and post natal body shape management program has been designed by a professional medical team and since the foundation in 2008, management of countless number of VVIP customers has verified its effects. In Centre Ofmom, you would be able to enjoy a satisfactory post-natal care period through scientific and systematic DERAMA pre and post natal body shape management program

In Centre Ofmom, isolated specialized newborn baby room is operated. In a newborn baby room separated from mom’s room, professional workforce takes care of newborn babies in 3 shifts, reassuring moms and giving sufficient relaxation when moms need it the most

Specialized newborn baby room

ONE-STOP SERVICE : In Centre Ofmom, various specialized departments cooperate systematically and organically to establish pre and post natal management system. Thus, with regards to care for moms and newborn babies, one-sided or distorted management can be avoided while receiving systematic and scientific management

Moreover, through an organic connection with luxurious private hospitals in the vicinity, immediate treatment can be available in case of emergencies so you can be assured to enjoy comfortable post-natal care period with an easy mind