Jang Dong-gun and Ko So-young

When it came time for Jang Dong-gun and Ko So-young to give birth, the top Korean star couple chose DERAMASeoul to provide professional care for the newborn child and mother

They valued the care they received so much that they also chose DERAMA Seoul after the birth of their second child. Later, while Ms. Ko was giving a TV interview about her postpartum care, she mentioned that she had sought professional advice on newborn child care because she did not have any knowledge about it herself. After this interview aired, the search phrase “Ms. Ko’s Postpartum clinic” ranked first on the popular Internet portal sites

After receiving postpartum care at DERAMA Seoul, Ms. Ko surprised her stylists with a body that was exactly the same size as before her pregnancy, and the youthful appearance of someone in her twenties. Ms. Ko is currently working as one of the most popular models for TV commercials in Korea

Kim Hee-sun&Park Chu-Young

Kim Hee-sun, a Korean beauty icon, lost the weight she gained during her pregnancy with the help of DERAMA Seoul. After receiving postpartum care at DERAMA, she looks even more beautiful than before her pregnancy. Ms. Kim is currently working as one of the most popular actress while enjoying her new life being a happy mom and a happy wife

Based on her own experience at DERAMA Seoul, Ms. Kim published a book giving tips for postpartum care that she learned from DERAMA, emphasizing the fact that, thanks in part to breastfeeding, she was able to lose much of the weight she gained during her pregnancy. The book proved to be a big hit in Korea

Yeon Jeong-hoon &Han Ga-in

Han Ga-in is a popular Korean actress who is known for her natural beauty. She is famous, among other things, for co-starring in the popular Korean TV drama “The Moon Embracing the Sun,” where she appears with Korean Wave star Kim Soo-hyun. DERAMA Seoul cared for Ms. Han not only during the postpartum period, but also through the prenatal period and the delivery itself

Han Ga-in and her husband, Yeon Jeong-hoon were photographed by paparazzi checking out of DERAMA Seoul, and this became a headline in entertainment news. Her appearance at the clinic attracted the attention of many mothers and pregnant women, who noticed that she looked perfect and even seemed slimmer than before

Lee Byung-hun&Lee Min-jeong

Another top Korean star couple – Hollywood movie star Lee Byung-hun and Korean actress Lee Min-jeong – chose DERAMA Seoul to provide care both during delivery and during the post-partum period. Ms. Lee is best known for being one of the “Five Gangnam Beauties,” and she once played an ex-girlfriend of Lee Min-ho, a leading Korean Wave Star, in “Boys with Flowers.”

After receiving care at DERAMA Seoul, Ms. Lee has maintained her perfect shape, and looks even more beautiful than before. Since giving birth, she has even reached a second peak in her career as an actress

Global sports stars

DERAMA Seoul has also been chosen by numerous global sports stars. They include professional baseball player Kim Tae-kyun, Judo player Jang Sung-ho, and former Korean national soccer team players Ahn Jung-hwan, Kim Nam- il, and Lee Chung-yong

Ahn Jung-hwan & Lee Hye-won

Kim Nam- il& Kim Bo Min

Lee Chung-yong

baseball player Kim Tae-kyun

Judo player Jang Sung-ho

In addition, Olympic gold medalist Park Tae-hwan once visited DERAMA Seoul, and was so impressed that he decided to provide his sister with postpartum care and a spa membership at the facility

Olympic gold medalist Park Tae-hwan

DERAMA Seoul is loved by celebrities from many industries, including those in politics, business, and the legal community

DERAMA Seoul’s clients include such Korean star couples as: Ji Sung & Lee Bo-young, Kwon Sang-woo & Son Tae-young, Yoo Ji-tae & Kim Hyo-jin, and Sean & Jeong Hae-young. Other celebrities who have received care at DERAMA Seoul include: actor Lee Sun-gyun, actresses Nam Sang-mi and Lee Yoon-ji, model Hong Jin-kyung, announcer Kim Seong-joo, entertainers Ha-ha & Byul, singer Seo Tae-ji (better known as “the president of the culture industry”), and famous producer Joo Young-hoon etc