Congratulations on the birth of your adorable baby and a big round of applause to the mom who have put in so much effort in the past 10 months to encounter this lovely life.

Centre Ofmom is a premium post-natal care center apposite to the case of China thanks to the post-natal care program based on long-term clinical experience and research of DERAMA post-natal care center as well as the local professional workforce who have worked for a long period of time in Hanmi in Beijing.

DERAMA post-natal care center which has become a basis of Centre Ofmom is the first premium post natal care center in the industry established by professional post natal specialists grounded on the latest medical advances. Drama post-natal care center is creating a global standard and leading the post-natal care industry worldwide with scientific and systematic post-natal care program and professionalism in newborn baby care. A Countless number of leading companies from not only Korea but also the Middle East, China, USA and Japan are making visits to benchmark DERAMA’s advanced system and to request for consulting.

Now, DERAMA s high-class post-natal care service and newborn baby care most preferred by Korean celebrities, loved by leading nobles in politics, law societies in Korea and acknowledged by international VVIPs can be enjoyed in Beijing.

Centre Ofmom will assist moms to promptly and safety recover the body shape and health before pregnancy through scientific post-natal care programs. At the same time, we give you our word that newborn babies would be cared for safely with happiness and love away from infection.

We hope that all moms visiting Centre Ofmom would lead the happiest family in the world together with their guardians and lovable babies. Thank you very much for allowing Center Ofmom to be part of the beginning of your new family.

From Centre Ofmom