The overall design of CENTRE OFMOM is set by the Korean professional design team. Relying on the experience of nursing maternal and infant nursing for many years, the team has developed a high-end environmental protection scheme that is more suitable for pregnant women and newborns with the principle of starting from the needs of mother and child to create a healthy, comfortable and safe nursing environment for pregnant women and newborns.

CENTRE OFMOM seeks to provide a safe and fresh air environment for mothers and newborns. The design uses an independent new concept of the exhaust heat recovery system, to achieve standard air quality even in the heavily polluted city center. Besides, the room is equipped with a world famous brand air purifier and dual management for air quality so as to provide a natural environment for mothers and newborns as if breathing fresh air in the forest every day.


The new concept exhaust heat recovery system is currently one of the most advanced air conditioning systems in the world. It can effectively remove the carbon dioxide and radon that can't be filtered by air purifier, as well as inhalable particles, pollen, dust, toxic gases, etc. It also has bactericidal function at the same time.

It can significantly remove inhalable particles with almost perfect pollen removal effect. Its dust removal rate is more than 95%, and it can be sterilized by destroying the structure of bacterial protein.


The new concept exhaust heat recovery system is equipped with exhaust ports and suction ports, respectively. The two-way exhaust mode provides remarkable indoor ventilation. Fresh air is provided continuously for 24 hours a day to protect the health of mothers and newborns.

All the rooms are equipped with global famous international brand Blueair air purifier, and the purification rate of PM2.5 is as high as 99%. The exhaust heat recovery system matches the professional air purifier to safeguard the air quality.


The Center was equipped with energy efficient and green traditional South Korean geothermal system which can gradually decrease the room temperature from bottom to top, in line with traditional Chinese medicine health care guidelines "cold head and warm feet", thus avoiding the drying and turbidity of air due to the use of air conditioning and making the mother and the baby feel more comfortable.


Equipped with high-end soft water equipment to provide quality water for mom and baby.

The center is equipped with five star standard recuperation space, professional neonatal ward, SPA center, high grade and perfect mother and baby special protection facilities and high technology security system, providing the most safe and comfortable environment for new mothers and newborn babies under strict infection control and protection.

All Italy imported furniture and global famous brand mattresses with balance weight bearing and the human body curve fitness, providing you with a comfortable, environmentally friendly and high-end living environment

The VVIP suite is equipped with independent high-end SPA equipment and facilities

With comprehensive security system and meticulous privacy protection measures, we provide our customers 24/7 security and privacy.

The 16 and 17 floors are special floors, only resident customers are allowed to use.